Hello UGST 1000.817!

Welcome to UGST 1000 – First Year Seminar and the UGST 1000.817 class blog! Both myself, and your Peer Mentor, Heather Mund, are looking forward to the semester ahead! Want to get to know us? Check out our introduction page.

During the semester we’ll be spending some quality time together on Tuesday and Thursday from 11 am – 12: 20 pm in Wooten Hall, Room 118. To help you explore your major/career options, we will be using a few online resources to help you tell your story and connect to your interests on campus.


The first class is designed to get to know each other, discuss the course requirements, review the class syllabus, and review the required textbooks and resources for the semester for UGST 1000. Please be sure to log into the UGST 1000.817 course site in Blackboard Learn to review the course syllabus, read the class blog, follow our class Twitter, and complete the first assignment – Instructor Information Sheet.

Homework (due before class on 9/3):


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