Week 2: Digital Identity & Tools to Tell YOUR Story

In UGST 1000.817, we’re going to start telling YOUR story. Join the #ugstSTORY community online as we blog (https://ugststory.wordpress.com/) and tweet (https://twitter.com/ugststory) about our adventures.

The start of our #ugstSTORY…

ugstSTORY Pic

Today in class we talked about how developing your digital identity, social media facts, and connecting your networks to help you during your first year at UNT and beyond. #ugstSTORY is more than just a hashtag.  It will be our community “brand” and a link to connect our discoveries and learning throughout the semester.

We will continue to talk about what it means to be connected as a learner to help discover your major/career interests, and tell your story as you work on building your academic/personal career. For those of you who need the “HOW TO” guides, be sure to check out “About UGST 1000-817″ page on this blog, and you can find images in the “Tell Your #ugstSTORY” section of the Blackboard Learn course site in the “ugstSTORY photos” folder.

After you have set up your WordPress Blog and Twitter Account for #ugstSTORY class, don’t forget to:

Homework (due before class on 9/3):

  • READ: Chapter 2 – ENGAGE in the First Year Seminar textbook (ONLY from the Campus Bookstore)
  • RESEARCH:  ”Just Google It” Assignment – Each student will draw a name of someone in the class and asked to “Google” and search to learn more about them. In class, on 9/5 you will be required to give a 1-2 minute introduction of that person. Use what you find online, EXCEPT for their Facebook page. Hint: Be sure to check out the Blog Roll & Twitter List on this website & READ their introduction post, too. :)
  • BLOG:  WP Post #1: Introduce Yourself – in minimum 300 words, please take a minute to introduce yourself to the class. Include at ONE (1) photo of you and tell us about your interests, who you are, where you’re from, and more. Share YOUR story.
  • TWEET: Your WordPress blog URL (website) and your Twitter Handle with the #ugstSTORY hashtag – questions? Reach out to Laura via email.
  • Tuesday (9/3): Meet in Sage Hall #237 for class. We be using the Computer Labs (SAGE 330) during our next  class meeting.

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