Week 2: What’s On Your Bucket List (Big Goals)?

Last class we discussed and shared ideas about WHY you are in college. We talked about different university expectations about campus life, classes, challenges, and things you might discover in your first year and first semester at UNT.

You wrote A Love Letter To College Freshman to your future self – your end of first semester self to be exact. Now we want to talk about some bigger goals that you want to achieve while in your undergraduate academic career. Get ready to  fill your bucket, as you draft and share YOUR  “Bucket List”. This list of at least 10 items will include what you want to accomplish over the next few years in university and beyond. What are some of your BIG GOALS? These can be things you aspire to accomplish while in school and things you want to accomplish in life while you are at UNT.

BLOG: WP #2 Post:  Create a list of at least 10 items for your own Bucket List that you would like to accomplish over the course of the next few years at UNT. With EACH item on your list, share the skills and knowledge you will develop from it. This post must be at least 350 words minimum, include an image/photo, and is due at 11:59 pm CDT TONIGHT (9/5).

COMMENT: Be sure to read & respond to at least ONE (1) other Bucket List from a fellow #ugstSTORY student WP blog post. Here is a list of OUR Class Blogs & Twitter Accounts.


  • COMPLETE: UGST 1000 Pre-Test in “Complete Assessments” Bb Learn; DUE: Friday (9/6) by 11:59pm
  • BLOG: WP #3 – Your Bucket List
  • SELF-ASSESS: The MBTI and then the Strong Inventory ONLINE by Sunday, September 15, 2013.
  • GET TICKETS: Have you picked up or registered for tickets for the  UNT Distinguished Lecture Series:  Rainn Wilson creator of SoulPancake  http://studentaffairs.unt.edu/wilson yet? (September 19th at 7 pm)

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