Week 3: Exploring Campus & Career Options – Intro to Roadtrip Nation

Today you will be exploring the resources and services on campus with your #ugstSTORY team. Be sure to TWEET & take photos (Yes you can use Instagram) using the hashtag #ugstSTORY. Share what you find useful on campus during the scavenger hunt in 140 characters or less.

In thinking about YOUR top 3 values that you tweeted last week…

What My #ugstSTORY Class Values
We will start looking at how these values apply to what you are interested in studying or working with in the future. To help you make the “right decisions now” for later, we’re going to explore the open road with the Road Trip Nation (RTN) project. Many higher ed students have an idea or inkling of what they want to do, but most are not sure about their academic options, career path planning, and helpful resources to support their decision-making process. Here’s a little history about The Roadtrip Nation Story:

For UNT students who enter into the undecided/undeclared program at UNT, the Office for Exploring Majors [where I work] utilizes the Roadtrip Nation (RTN) resources and has a  RTN project as part of the UGST 1000 – First Year Seminar class.

The Open Road for #UGST1000 Course Design The RTN project helps students explore their personal, academic, and career path. More importantly, it allows them to learn that there is more than one path to obtain their goals and dreams. In picking up  Roadtrip Nation: A Guide to Discovering Your Path in Life and Finding the Open Road: A Guide to Self-Construction Rather Than Mass Production. Our class will be using Finding the Open Road stories and interviews (posted online) to help our #ugstSTORY find our way.

To get you started we’re going to use the “Do It Yourself” section of the Roadtrip Nation book to help us explore using the Roadtrip Nation Manifesto:

  1. First, Find Your Red Rubber Ball – What inspires you? What is your passion? Identifying interests, values, and likes.
  2. Whom Should You Meet? – tips on how to find people, being resourceful, using your personal network, how to reach out to new people
  3. Getting the Meeting – cold calls, the pitch, being persistent, communication strategies
  4. Preparing for the Interview – researching the person, their company, their work experience
  5. In the Meeting – what to talk about, suggested questions, informational interview samples, interview/meeting etiquette
  6. Closing – ending a meeting, sending thanks, developing a mentoring relationship

RTN asks....


Marriner, M. & Gebhard, N. (2006). Roadtrip Nation: A guide to discovering your path in life. New York: Ballentine Books.

Marriner, M., McAllister, B. & Gebhard, N. (2005). Finding the open road: A guide to self-construction rather than mass production. Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed Press.


BLOG WP Post #3:  What career or profession do you want to know more about for the RTN project? Share your “red rubber ball.” What inspires you? What is your passion? Identifying interests, values, and likes. Blog about it by TONIGHT (9/10), and comment on at LEAST one  (1) other blog post by Thursday night (9/12). Indicate if you are interested in the same occupation, what you would ask about this career, and why you are interested in your comment.

  • SELF-ASSESS: The MBTI and then the Strong Inventory ONLINE by Sunday, September 15, 2013.
  • GET TICKETS: Have you picked up or registered for tickets for the  UNT Distinguished Lecture Series:  Rainn Wilson creator of SoulPancake  http://studentaffairs.unt.edu/wilson yet? (September 19th at 7 pm)
  • BONUS TWEET: Show your #MeanGreen UNT Pride this weekend at the before or during the football game. Take a picture and tag it using #ugstSTORY. Sounds like an easy bonus tweet to me!
  • ALTERNATIVE Session to Rainn Wilson: Reality Check! – How far can your future paycheck take you? Tuesday  September 26    5-6pm   Business Leadership Building 255.

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