Week 5: Your Strong Interest Inventory & MBTI Career Report

Today we will be reviewing the second assessment instrument, The Strong Inventory, and your MBTI Career Reports. Here are the RIASEC codes we will discuss in class and on your assessment. Where do you think you interests lie?

John Holland’s codes and the Strong Interest Inventory is one way of discovering your major and career interests. The assessment is another tool to support your research, encourage questions, and direct your exploration, but keep in mind that these assessments might not reveal all about your major/career path.

Here is a run down for the week’s projects, assignments and midterm:

  • SAVE THE STUDY DATE: Sunday, September 29th Meet Heather at the Library at 2 pm (#clubwillis) for study tips & prep for JOUR 1210, HIST 2610, PSCI 1040/1050 OR other questions you might have as you prep for your first college texts and exams.
  • BLOG: WP #8: What’s YOUR Strong Profile? List your Letters or why you might not have any letters. Does your Strong apply to you? Why yes or no? Describe some of your themes and occupations from the Strong -blog about YOUR Strong profile. DUE TONIGHT (9/24) at 11:59 pm – answer:
  1. Page 3 – What’s your Strong Type (e.g. AES)? Did you guess that? What do you think? What does your scale say about you?
  2. Page 5 -Review your top 10 Strong Occupations – are there professions on the list that would interest you? Check out at least ONE (1) from your top ten and review the O*NET online about this occupation; share details about in on your blog.
  3. Page 9 Section 4: From your report LIST the 5 “Your Personal Style Scales Preferences” – do you agree or disagree? Please describe
  4. Page 11 Section 6: “Using Your Themes” – for of your OWN themes review the suggested College Major. e.g. E and Political Science; A = Advertising. Check to see if this major is offered at UNT. Would you be interested in it? Why or why not?
  5. Page 4: Review your “Learning Environment” for your theme. Share what it is, and how this works with your own learning experiences since you have been at UNT.
  6. Page 19: Career Fields for MBTI + Strong Type – Pick at least ONE Career Field listed (e.g. Acting and Directin 27-2011.00), and review MyNextMove.org and/or the O*NET to figure out WHY the assessments point you in the direction of this occupation. Review the tasks, work activities, work context, education and salary. Does this fit with your own interests?
  7. Page 21: Review “Occupations to Explore” and pick at least ONE (1) occupation you are LEAST likely to pursue or that stands out as being odd for you. Review MyNextMove.org and/or the O*NET to hypothesize WHY the assessments point you in the direction of this occupation.
  8. Page 22: “Are You Looking For A Good Match To Start Your Career?” Pick ONE (1) question from this list. Post it in your blog, and then give a response to this question.
  • PREPARE: Your Advising 1:1 appointments are scheduled for NEXT week! If you forgot yo
  • ur scheduled time, please contact The Office for Exploring Majors in person (Sage Hall 302) or by phone (940.565.2457). You will need to be on time and BRING your “Spring Schedule Assignment” with #1 & #2 of the assignment completed. Please use the UNT Catalog and the UNT Advising Guidebook [PDF] to help you with this assignment
  • ATTEND ALTERNATIVE EVENT:  Reality Check (Thurs – 9/26) 5-6 pm BLB 255 – will be required to LIVE TWEET using #ugstSTORY hashtag at program to share information – 5 tweets including a #selfie photo of you there.
  • BLOG: WP #7: Your Major/Career Family Tree (DUE Thursday, September 26th by 11:59 pm): Find at least FOUR (4) members of your family or close family friends to interview about their career/major path. This can be about their jobs, training, work experience, and how they got to where they are today. You will create a visual of your family tree – mindmapPrezi, etc (If you need to know how “HOW TO” embed either a PowerPoint or Prezi into your WordPress blog, here are a couple of helpful resources.)– to share with the class in a WP blog post.  This is DUE NEXT THURSDAY (9/26) at 11:59 pm CDT. Please be sure to answer the following questions:
  1. What was their major and/or academic background/training?
  2. What is their job title, and what activities do they do on a regular day of work?
  3. What do they like about their job?
  4. What do they wish was different about it?
  5. How did they start doing this job/choose this job?
  6. What other careers/jobs have they had in their life?
  7. Why did they stop doing each of those?
  8. What makes a job interesting to them?
  9. What about a job leads one to be happy?
  10. If they could not do the profession/job they currently are doing, what would they choose instead?


You are REQUIRED to EMBED these presentations into your WP blogs, not just provide the website or URL link! e.g. EXAMPLE from a student from UGST 1000 class Fall 2013

  1. HOW TO:  Upload a PPT into WordPress => Uploading Documents — Support — WordPress.com
  2. HOW TO:  Embed a Prezi into WordPress – YouTube VIDEO [Hint: HTML tab = “Text” tab in WordPress]
  3. Check out OTHER #ugstSTORY Blogs & contact your friends — a few have already figured out how to post a Prezi and/or PPT

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