Week 5: Note Taking & FINAL Class Paper/Presentation

Today we talked about a few different type of note-taking strategies, including outlining, Cornell Method, SQ3R (to prepare to take notes) and what all of you do for your college classes. It is important to get yourself organized, pre-read (or skim) your assigned readings, review posted PPTs, and review your notes on a regular basis. If you can practice these note-taking strategies NOW, you will be an expert at taking notes & reviewing lecture information by the time you get to your advanced college credits and challenging course material.

We also introduced the FINAL Major/Career Research Paper & Video Presentation (you can download a copy of the assignment from Blackboard Learn). This final project has a few different pieces to it, so please USE THE CHECKLIST and start mapping out your dates well BEFORE it is due on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 by 10:30 AM to a dropbox on Blackboard Learn. You will work on the following segment for this assignment, so start mapping out your schedule to set some dates for each section:

Decide on planned due dates
Part 1, Step 1: Answer questions about Majors
Part 1, Step 2: Answer questions about Careers
Part 1, Step 3: Current resume
Part 1, Step 3: Graduation resume
Part 2, Step 1: Answer questions about organizations
Part 2, Step 2: Answer questions about Choice #1
Part 2, Step 2: Answer questions about Choice #2
Part 3, Step 1: GPA projection
Part 3, Step 2: Printed copy of my Spring schedule
Part 4, Step 1: Semester Course Reflection
Part 4, Step 2: Major/Career Reflection
Part 4, Step 3: Personal Reflection
Part 5: Presentation

Next, many asked about embedding an “iframe” link from your Prezi into WordPress for your Major/Career Family Tree post that is DUE: TONIGHT (9/26)  by 11:59 pm.

Here is a quick STEP-BY-STEP demonstration to help you edit the HTML code for your blog in a Prezi or Video tutorial:

  Finally, here’s a REMINDER about TONIGHT’s Alternative Events to ATTEND:

(1) Reality Check (Thurs – 9/26) 5-6 pm BLB 255;

(2) Exploring Major Peer Mentor Panel (Wed -10/2) 5-6 pm ESSC 255

**Required to  LIVE TWEET using #ugstSTORY hashtag at either event to share information. Take ONE #Selfie and then 4 quotes, resources, ideas and information from the session.


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