Week 6: #ugstSTORY Goes “On Tour” to #UNT Library & Career Center

Today’s first stop on the #ugstSTORY  #UNT Tour was to learn about resources and services found at the UNT Willis Library. I hope that you learned a great deal from Lilly (@lillylibrarian) and Doug, and are able to get some ideas on how to research your Final Major/Career Paper & Video presentation. I look forward to learning more about what was discussed in class next week.


Thank you to Lilly for organizing and taking the time to answer your questions via Twitter. All Q & A’s are posted HERE.

Our NEXT CLASS MEETING on Tuesday (10/8) will take our #ugstSTORY class to the UNT Career Center! Please meet at Chestnut Hall in the 1st floor lobby promptly at 11 am (if not before). Amy Ferman & Rachel Smith will be answering YOUR QUESTIONS and sharing more about how their office can help you find a job, research internships, build a resume, and more! Tip: You are required to submit TWO (2) resumes for your final project — so I hope you ask about how to get help for this while you are there.


Your TO DO List:

  1. CANstruction Team Work: Collect, Design or Build? Be sure to check in with your group. The Collect/Fundraise team is going to Kroger on University Blvd next week. All cans collected can be stored and designed in the Office for Exploring Majors, Suite #302. I have a designated office for all of you to store and work on things in one space. Ask Alison at our front desk where you can work from 8 am – 5 pm. Thanks!
  2. BLOG: WP #9 Visits to Career Center & Library: From your visit to the Library and Career Center, please share at least FOUR (4) things you have learned that will help you with your major/career decision and research this semester. Please include useful links, information, pictures and other things in your post. DUE by 11:59 pm Tuesday, October 8th 
  3. Roadtrip Nation Interviews: You & your team should be ON THE ROAD to meet professionals and ask them questions about what they do and how they got there. Please be sure to send a THANK YOU e-mail or give a card after you meet with EACH professional. ALL handouts, interview Q & A notes, and presentations are DUE Tuesday, October 15th at 11:59 pm. Please review the Roadtrip Nation folder in Blackboard Learn for the Checklist and suggested questions.


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