Week 7: Say What? and Getting Involved @ UNT

Today’s class we will chat about your visit to the Library and Career center, learning about how to get more involved, and discussed how to effectively communicate individually or with your Roadtrip Nation teams. There are a number of helpful resources on talking to your instructor for your final paper and getting to know more about courses via the Faculty Profile System.  Have you visited a faculty member during office hours? Have you sent an email to your instructor yet? Let’s chat about it today:

Your Roadtrip Nation presentations START next Thursday, October 17th. We will pick the order in class today, and chat a little bit about presenting and how you carry yourself during meetings, events, and when required to talk in front of an audience. Body language, specifically how you approach others (stance, eye contact, body position, etc) and how  you give off non-verbal cues impact first impressions. We will talk more about this by introducing “Power Poses” via Amy Cuddy.

TO DO List 

  • NO CLASS:  On Tuesday, October 15th — use this time as working class for your RTN projects and/or CANstruction planning for Friday, October 18th.
  • TWEET:  #ugstSTORY: Tweet how do you want to get involved and connected at UNT? Share a link to a club, activity or event that you might be interested in.

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