Week 9: Academic Integrity, Group Work & Cheating

Congrats for completing your Roadtrip Nation Projects! I am impressed with valuable information, efforts, and lessons learned from all of you. Please be sure to wrap up the evaluation and reflection process for the RTN project before the end of this week (Saturday, October 26, 2013 at 11:59 pm). Here’s your “to do” list:

  1. RTN Process Paper – Submit on Blackboard Learn
  2. RTN Project components: Handouts, Presentation (PPT or Prezi Link), and Interview Q & A submitted through Bb Learn
  3. Class Feedback form – DUE In Class Today (10/24)
  4. Email Laura (laura.pasquini@unt.edu) about YOUR specific RTN group, and what everyone did for the project
  5. Blog: WP Post => How do you work in a team? What is your role? What do you love/hate about team work? Benefits? Challenges? Lessons learned?
  6. BONUS: Blog your RTN Process paper comments AND respond to at least one other classmate’s post. Many of you may want to do this. Hint: Cut & paste is easy. Then a thoughtful response. ūüôā

From your discussion in group work came the conversation of cheating, and what it might be while working in a group. This will not be the last time you deal with this issue or other academic integrity questions while at UNT. Whether it is cheating on a test, self-plagiarism, not citing references,¬†group projects, sharing notes, stolen tests, or suffering the consequences of others who cheat on a midterm — this might be something you have to face during your college career (or in life). ¬†Think about how you might handle the following situation….


  • Office Hours for Laura Pasquini:¬†Friday (10/24) – 10 am – 2 pm in Sage Hall 302 (first come first serve; other UGST 1000 classes might be waiting for me) AND¬†Wednesday (10/30) – 5-9 pm @ Big Mike’s Coffee Shop (Frye Street)¬†http://www.bigmikescoffeeshop.com/
  • BONUS: Wear a Halloween costume to class on 10/31 and take a #selfie. Tweet this image with #ugstSTORY; Guest Speaker – Rachel Grimes from the Student Money Management Center
  • #ugstSTORY goes back on TOUR to the Learning Center! Meet in Sage Hall 315 on 11/5
  • Have you started your Final Major/Career Paper yet? You should! Start researching your major or reaching out to your next informational interview NOW!
  • BONUS:¬†What do you think about cheating in college?¬†Based on our discussion, and the video examples posted on the last #ugstSTORY blog, share your thoughts in a 300 word or more.¬†https://ugststory.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/week-9-academic-integrity-group-work-cheating/¬†Also feel free to check out the “TurnItIn – Testing Your Paper” link to run your assignments to check for plagiarism found in our course menu.


UPDATED Office Hours for Laura Pasquini 

Monday (10/28) from 7:30-9:30 pm in the BLB Atrium.

Wednesday (10/30) from 6-9 pm @ Big Mike’s Coffee Shop (on Frye Street)¬†http://www.bigmikescoffeeshop.com/

**Why might you want to check in and meet with Laura?

  • Deciding on a Major?
  • Need to chat about W/WF for a class before the 11/6 deadline
  • Interested in playing the number game with your grades in classes?
  • Questions about career/major research – need to find another person to interview for your final paper?
  • Help with your FINAL Major/Career Paper — all sections (pssst it’s due in a few weeks)



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