Week 11: Go Beyond the Cover – Talking Diversity & Final Paper Prep

Today in class we will talk about diversity. We will share more about our cultural background, stereotypes you have heard, and more “isms” that we know. This subject can often be challenging or awkward. Diversity means many things to many people, and often we try not to offend, ask, or even engage.

After watching the “Go Beyond The Cover” video. Take a minute to to think about the following question: “How do you judge?” Please share your thoughts/reaction about both the video and the topic of diversity.

  • BLOG: WP #12: Diversity: What does this word mean to YOU? Unpack your diverse background and experiences – write a 200 word blog post by TONIGHT  (11/7) at 11:59 pm CDT that respond to the following questions:
    • Have you ever judged a book by it’s cover? [Like in Go Beyond The Cover Video] Please share.
    • What cultural group do you identify with?
    • What values and purpose do you identify with?
    • How has your cultural or personal identity been challenged or questioned by others outside the group?
    • What influences your personal opinions, viewpoints or values?
    • How do you want to appreciate/learn/engage more with this topic? e.g. study abroad, join a club on campus, participate in awareness

ASSIGNMENT ROUND UP (due before 12 noon THIS Saturday):

FINAL MAJOR/CAREER PAPER – what you should have completed by now (35% of final grade):

  1. Researched TWO (2) majors at UNT
  2. Explored TWO (2) careers/occupations
  3. Class Schedule for Spring 2014
  4. GPA Predictions
  5. Current Resume & Future Resume
  6. Practice YouTube Video Presentation (see Elevator Pitch) – TED Talk Style (5 minutes – more to come next week IN CLASS)
  7. Review involvement opportunities e.g. Study Abroad, Student Activities, Lead & Serve, Research, etc.
  8. Contacted & set up another informational interview (occupation/career) and researched an organization/company

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