Week 12: Because You Gotta Have Faith [Spiritual Life]

Yesterday in class, Jon Barlett (@jondbartlett), discussed how UNT supports your beliefs and spirituality. It seems as though a number of you enjoyed this conversation, and resources here on campus to support your journey in “making meaning” while at college. Well done!


Not only did Jon’s presentation share ideas and resources on campus, he also challenged our class to think about how to be more AWESOME when talking to others who share different points of views. Here are the keys to a healthy interfaith dialogue (from Douglas Kindschi, Director of the Kaufman Interfaith Institute at Grand Valley State University):

  • Tolerance: the ability to endure
  • Hospitality: receiving the stranger
  • Understanding: communicating my own views and listening to others views I do not share
  • Respect: demonstrating regard, esteem, and honor
  • Acceptance: conversion is not a goal, and perhaps not an options
  • “Holy Envy:” recognizing admirable elements in other faiths and wanting to reflect those in own faith

In your next WordPress Post #13: DESCRIBE => What does spirituality means to you? What is one thing you learned from Jon’s talk/presentation? AND share how you will utilize the keys to healthy interfaith dialogue (7 points above) in at least 200 words.  The blog post is DUE Thursday (11/24) at 11:59 pm CDT.  Here are the slides from his session:

How’s your final paper coming along?

NEXT CLASS: Format of paper & video presentation requirements will be discussed. Be there!

FINAL MAJOR/CAREER PAPER – what you should have completed by now (35% of final grade):

  1. Researched TWO (2) majors at UNT
  2. Explored TWO (2) careers/occupations
  3. Class Schedule for Spring 2014
  4. GPA Predictions
  5. Current Resume & Future Resume
  6. Practice YouTube Video Presentation (see Elevator Pitch) – TED Talk Style (5 minutes – more to come next week IN CLASS)
  7. Review involvement opportunities e.g. Study Abroad, Student Activities, Lead & Serve, Research, etc.
  8. Contacted & set up another informational interview (occupation/career) and researched an organization/company

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