Week 13: ‘Tis the Season to Be Researching & Writing – FINAL Major/Career Paper & Video Presentation

You many have heard me mention a thing or two about your FINAL MAJOR/CAREER PAPER  and Video Presentation (35% of final grade) in class and on our course site as the deadline is fast approaching (DUE: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 before 10:30 am CT via TurnItIn Dropbox in Blackboard Learn).


Instructions for submitting your assignment:

You are to submit the paper portion as a Word document, and Post your YouTube video link for your presentation using the Assignment Dropbox on Blackboard Learn BEFORE Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 10:30 am CDT.  You may submit your paper either as a Word or PDF file via the Turn It In Dropbox on UGST 1000.817 Blackboard Learn website. You will also embed your YouTube video onto a WordPress blog post for your classmates to review and comment on. Each student must watch and comment on THREE (3) classmate videos by December 1, 2013 by 11:59 pm CT.

FINAL PAPER Requirements http://bit.ly/ugststoryfinal

UGST 1000 SAMPLE Final Paper (e.g. http://bit.ly/ugst1000samplepaper)

I am sure that by now most of you have completed the following check list of items to research and writing about:

  1. Researched TWO (2) majors at UNT
  2. Explored TWO (2) careers/occupations
  3. Class Schedule for Spring 2014
  4. GPA Predictions
  5. Current Resume & Future Resume
  6. Practice YouTube Video Presentation– TED Talk Style or In Plain English
  7. Review involvement opportunities e.g. Study Abroad, Student Activities, Lead & Serve, Research, etc.
  8. Contacted & set up another informational interview (occupation/career) and researched an organization/company

A few things to keep in mind for research and references:

Tools for Drafting & Writing – References

APA 6th Edition Guidelines http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/

Son of a Citation Machine http://www.landmark-project.com/citation_machine/index.php

UNT Writing Lab http://ltc.unt.edu/node/362 AUDB 105

Google Scholar http://scholar.google.com/

UNT Library http://library.unt.edu/

UGST 1000 Course Guide http://guides.library.unt.edu/content.php?pid=339841

Find RESEARCH Articles http://untexas.summon.serialssolutions.com/advanced

Citation for online research and resources:

Here is what we discussed to prepare for your final video presentation last week.


5-8 minute #ugstSTORY Video Final Presentation that summarizes your final major/career paper research. Be creative and have fun!

1. Organize Your #ugstSTORY Final Presentation to Include these key points:

-About You – Your Introduction & “Brand”

-Major (s) of Interest & why

-Careers Explored Related to Major

-Connect your Strong & MBTI results to your majors & career, specifically your knowledge, skills, abilities http://careercenter.unt.edu/students/majors

-What You Got From UGST 1000 (#ugstSTORY)

-Reflection – Lessons Learned From this Semester (personal & academic)

-Future Planning – Goals, Bucket List & More – what do you want to accomplish at UNT or beyond.

2. Format

TED Talk Style http://www.ted.com/pages/about


In Plain English…

3. Tips on In Plain English OR TED Talks

How to “Do” a TED Talk http://bit.ly/1aqj7Iu

Making presentations in the TED style http://bit.ly/1aqjpiA

How To Make an In Plain English Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtaSWZPA63s

How to Make a Descriptive Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCl1zoxs3Zo

4. Things to Consider:

-Your Background, Lighting, etc.

-Your appearance

-Sound – voice level, clarity, etc

-Visuals are a must!

5. Record (and Re-Record) Your Video

-Get support in crafting your video – Team up!

6. Post it to YouTube – include link in the Appendix of your paper (see Sample Paper) 

-When you finish your presentation – embed into a blog post on your WordPress Blog

– Tweet it out using the #ugstSTORY hashtag

Further questions? Call 940.565.2457 to meet with Laura BEFORE Monday, November 25th to get help, ask questions, or review style, format, research, resources, or content. Thanks!


Concept Mapping & College Life Wellness

Today’s Wellness Lesson had you drawing Concept Maps for different wellness issues and topics (more photos here) many college students face during their time at UNT. Concept mapping or mind mapping are ways to brainstorm ideas, think about research, support different learning styles, and plan for your upcoming exams or final projects (hint, hint).  These concept maps can be with markers and paper, or online using Prezi, MindMeister or other online applications.

In thinking about the wellness topics from class, there are a number of places on campus (some listed here) and people (besides Laura) to support you with any and all of these issues.  Thanks for great conversations and thinking broadly about these issues today. Continue these discussions… no matter how awkward or new they are to you. Talking, asking questions, and learning never hurt anyone before in our #ugstSTORY class.

Concept Mapping with #ugstSTORY


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