Week 14: Being Thankful & Saying Goodbye to #ugstSTORY

Your first semester at UNT is almost over. Can you believe it? I thought it was just yesterday that we were starting to tell your #ugstSTORY tales, and figure out where are classes were on campus.  All Final Major/Career Papers & Presentations have been submitted. Congrats!

Before we have our LAST CLASS & #ugstSTORY-lo-la-polooza on Tuesday (December 3, 2013 in Sage Hall 315 – The Learning Center) from 11 am-12:20 pm, please be sure you read through to en sure you complete the following class requirements before the end of the semester:

  1. Complete & post BLOGS and TWEETS Before 12/5/13: Any outstanding blog posts or tweets from previous weeks, visits, guest speakers, etc. Partial credits will still give you points & help your grade. Not sure about what you are missing? Be sure to follow up with Laura ASAP – call & schedule a meeting at the Office for Exploring Majors NOW – 940.565.2457.
  2. COMMENT on #ugstSTORY Final Major/Career Presentation Videos: Post a comment to at least THREE (3) #ugstSTORY final presentation on their WordPress blog posts about what your classmates have learned from the final project. Offer ideas, thoughts, comments, and feedback. These must be at least 100 words per comment, which is to say that an emoticon 🙂  or “Nice, job!” will not cut it for your comments. Please be thoughtful and appropriate. DUE: THIS SUNDAY 12/1/13 by 11:59 pm
  3. #ugstSTORY Final Thoughts (FT) Tweet:  Share one thing you will miss about the #ugstSTORY class in 140 characters or less for you Final Thought (FT). All FT’s will be shared during our last class as we celebrate your accomplishments from this past semester in UGST 1000 and at UNT. DUE: THIS SUNDAY 12/1/13 by 11:59 pm
  4. #ugstSTORY LAST BLOG POST:  #15: Saying goodbye to #ugstSTORY – In a 200 word blog post, reflect on your first semester at UNT. Write your last chapter for the term. What will be your take-away from this past semester? What are your lessons learned? How have you grown? Do you have a major/career in mind? What’s next? DUE: THIS SUNDAY – 12/1/13 by 11:59 pm
  5. Complete the UGST 1000 – Post Test (online in Blackboard Learn) – DUE: Thursday, December 12th before 11:59 pm
  6. BONUS: Semester Letter to Self & your goals. Share your letter that you wrote to yourself & what said, and what you think now. 200 words. DUE: 12/1/13 by 11:59 pm
  7. BONUS: As discussed in class on Thursday, the UGST 1000 First Year Seminar Class & the Office of Exploring Majors will be no more after May 2014. Share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and challenges you will have with this course and our office going away.
  8. #ugstSTORY Class Evaluation:
  9. Complete #ugstSTORY Evaluation  DUE by Thursday, December 5, 2013 by 11:59 pm CDT http://bit.ly/Ig5Fx5
  10. Complete the UNT  SETE in your my.unt.edu portal. For those with a mobile device, evaluating your classroom experiences at UNT has never been easier! A bonus 1% for ALL #ugstSTORY students is EVERYONE completes the #ugstSTORY Evaluation  & SETE. 🙂
  • Simply pull out your mobile device
  • Log in to my.unt.edu
  • Click on the SETE icon
  • Complete your SETE surveys.

And of course, I’m thankful for all your work this semester so please enjoy the Thanksgiving break with your loved ones. Safe travels!



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