About UGST 1000-817

Welcome to UGST 1000-817! This is the official UGST 1000.817 class blog where information will be posted on a regular basis. Stay in touch and connect with the latest happenings, here:

Course Description:

UGST 1000 – First Year Seminar (Major/Career Exploration)

Introduces students to new and exciting ways of becoming active and engaged citizens of the university community and larger society through the exploration of problems in the current world of the humanities, arts, social sciences, and natural and physical sciences. Students develop skills of critical thinking to help them as they move into a major and choose careers requiring a creative and interdisciplinary view of the world. UNT Core: Discovery (3 credit hours)


Q: Want to mentor or be available for an information interview for one of the #ugstSTORY students?  A: YES!  Complete this form.


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