Hello UGST 1000! We are looking forward to a great semester with all of you. The first year seminar is designed to introduce you to major/career resources, study skills tools, and connect you to the UNT campus community. We hope you will find the materials, assignments and activities in this class useful to support your academic transition and help you decide your academic path. Here is a little information about your UGST 1000 Peer Mentor and Instructor:

Heather Mund, Peer Mentor

623e7ef813a786d6426f622a36ee34d2“So what’s your story?” is a question people will continually ask you. It’s a popular topic of conversation for awkward first dates and college networking. Here’s a little of mine. My name is Heather Mund and I’m halfway through my sophomore year as a Journalism major/Spanish minor. My area of study is advertising and it’s a little impossible for me to watch tv and not make comments on every ad that I see. I call a middle-of-nowhere, population less than 500, town my old stomping ground. I’m a coffee addict with a passion for non-profits and a love of novels. My dream is to work international with an organization that is working to change the world for the better. They always tell you to dream big right? I spend a lot of time on social media so I’m easy to connect with. As your peer mentor I’m here to act as a guide and resource for all of you through your entrance into college! Feel free to call, text, e-mail or tweet me whether you need advice or just want to know what’s going on at UNT and I can point you in the direction of the right resource.

Laura Pasquini , Academic Counselor & Instructor 

 Originally from Niagara Falls, Canada, I have called Dallas, TX home for almost the last four years. Many of my scholastic and professional experiences have placed me in a variety of locations, including upstate NY, Ohio, Paris, London, and Toronto. Besides instructing this course, I am an Academic Counselor with the Office of Exploring Majors and a doctoral student with the Learning Technologies department in the College of Information. My PhD program is the Applied Technologies and Performance Improvement (ATPI) with a minor in Management & Educational Research. My research lies in the areas of open education and collaborative learning environments for both learning and training development. When I’m busy not researching or studying, I can often be found reading a good book, doing something active (cycling, swimming, running or yoga), flying on a jet plane (I LOVE to travel), practicing my guitar skills, snapping photosblogging, enjoying a concert, or catching up with family/friends both near and far.

Although I was not an undergraduate student at UNT, I am quite familiar with what it means to “find your way” both academically and professionally. My bachelor’s degree was in English & History at the University of Guelph, and then I pursued a Masters in Education at Niagara University. Along the way I have worked in Advertising, Sales, Education (K-12 & Higher Ed), Hospitality/Tourism, International Education, Recreation and Corporate Training. I believe that there are many roads that will lead you where you want to go; you just have to be open to new experiences along the way. I look forward to helping you start your journey and navigate your way this semester.


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