Week 11: Go Beyond the Cover – Talking Diversity & Final Paper Prep

Today in class we will talk about diversity. We will share more about our cultural background, stereotypes you have heard, and more “isms” that we know. This subject can often be challenging or awkward. Diversity means many things to many people, and often we try not to offend, ask, or even engage.

After watching the “Go Beyond The Cover” video. Take a minute to to think about the following question: “How do you judge?” Please share your thoughts/reaction about both the video and the topic of diversity.

  • BLOG: WP #12: Diversity: What does this word mean to YOU? Unpack your diverse background and experiences – write a 200 word blog post by TONIGHT  (11/7) at 11:59 pm CDT that respond to the following questions:
    • Have you ever judged a book by it’s cover? [Like in Go Beyond The Cover Video] Please share.
    • What cultural group do you identify with?
    • What values and purpose do you identify with?
    • How has your cultural or personal identity been challenged or questioned by others outside the group?
    • What influences your personal opinions, viewpoints or values?
    • How do you want to appreciate/learn/engage more with this topic? e.g. study abroad, join a club on campus, participate in awareness

ASSIGNMENT ROUND UP (due before 12 noon THIS Saturday):

FINAL MAJOR/CAREER PAPER – what you should have completed by now (35% of final grade):

  1. Researched TWO (2) majors at UNT
  2. Explored TWO (2) careers/occupations
  3. Class Schedule for Spring 2014
  4. GPA Predictions
  5. Current Resume & Future Resume
  6. Practice YouTube Video Presentation (see Elevator Pitch) – TED Talk Style (5 minutes – more to come next week IN CLASS)
  7. Review involvement opportunities e.g. Study Abroad, Student Activities, Lead & Serve, Research, etc.
  8. Contacted & set up another informational interview (occupation/career) and researched an organization/company

Week 9: Roadtrip Nation Peer Evaluations & Reflection

This week we will be wrapping up our stories from the RoadTrip Nation Projects. Below I have posted the “TO DO” requirements to wrap up this project this week.


You must submit ONE (1) Class Feedback Form (peer evaluation) for each group presented. All handouts and presentations are stored in the #ugstSTORY Roadtrip Nation Folder on Blackboard Learn. These evaluations will be due IN CLASS on Thursday, October 24, 2013.

Road Trip Nation Group Project – Class Feedback of Group Project

Team Name: _____________________________________________

On a scale of 1-5, one being the lowest rating and five being the highest, please rate the team on the following:

1. How thorough was the team’s content and did they meet the requirements of the assignment?

1                              2                              3                              4                              5

2. How creative was the team’s presentation?

1                              2                              3                              4                              5

3. How prepared did the team seem?

1                              2                              3                              4                              5

4. Overall, how was their presentation?

1                              2                              3                              4                              5

5. How would you rate their handout?

1                              2                              3                              4                              5

Please add up all the scores and divide by 5. Enter your overall score here: _____________

Comments to support scores given above:



Process Paper – Due : Wednesday, October 23, 2013 via Blackboard Dropbox by 11:59 pm. BONUS: Post your papers on WordPress & comment on another #ugstSTORY blog post for bonus points before class on 10-24-13 

Individual Process Paper – Each student will hand in an individual paper that illustrates what you learned through the Road Trip Nation Group project and addresses ALL of the following questions.

A. Focusing on one of the interviews conducted by your group, describe that individual’s journey.
B. What aspects of his/her life impacted the decisions she/he made about which paths to pursue? How did the values of the person you interviewed impact the decisions he/she made?
C. Thinking about all of the interviews conducted by your group, what did you learn about the career exploration process?
D. What themes emerged across the interviews?
E. What struck you about the differences between the interviews?
F. How will you apply what you learned to your own process of deciding on a college major and a career to pursue? Use specific examples from the interviews to support your conclusions about the career exploration process.



#ugstSTORY: Student Activities is coming to visit our class next week – post one question with our class hashtag for our speaker! Feel free to follow them on Twitter@UNTactivities

Week 7: Say What? and Getting Involved @ UNT

Today’s class we will chat about your visit to the Library and Career center, learning about how to get more involved, and discussed how to effectively communicate individually or with your Roadtrip Nation teams. There are a number of helpful resources on talking to your instructor for your final paper and getting to know more about courses via the Faculty Profile System.  Have you visited a faculty member during office hours? Have you sent an email to your instructor yet? Let’s chat about it today:

Your Roadtrip Nation presentations START next Thursday, October 17th. We will pick the order in class today, and chat a little bit about presenting and how you carry yourself during meetings, events, and when required to talk in front of an audience. Body language, specifically how you approach others (stance, eye contact, body position, etc) and how  you give off non-verbal cues impact first impressions. We will talk more about this by introducing “Power Poses” via Amy Cuddy.

TO DO List 

  • NO CLASS:  On Tuesday, October 15th — use this time as working class for your RTN projects and/or CANstruction planning for Friday, October 18th.
  • TWEET:  #ugstSTORY: Tweet how do you want to get involved and connected at UNT? Share a link to a club, activity or event that you might be interested in.

Week 4: Managing Time & Exploring Your Major/Career Family Tree

It’s not always easy, but time management is a critical skill to develop when your in college and will be something you use for the rest of your life. In today’s class we will talk about time management, scheduling, and task lists – here’s a preview:

We will spend some time considering how and where we use our time. After you have mapped out your weekly schedule and estimated your time usage, you will need to complete the “Pie Chart” activity to identify where your time goes. Identify how your time management is divided in your pie for school, work, fun and more.

In your WP Blog Post #6 – Time Management: Post a  one (1) PICTURE (your pie breakdown) or INFOGRAPHIC of your Time Management Pie AND answer the following questions in 300 words minimum: 

  1. Does your time management pie look tasty? Please provide percentages and describe each piece of your pie (e.g. eat, sleep, class, social, work, etc).
  2. Where does most of your time go? Where does the least amount of your time go? Is it balanced?
  3. What are your “time wasters” or “time vacuums” have you identified in your weekly schedule?  Can you modify this if you had to?
  4. After flipping through the “Managing Your Time” PowerPoint (above), what key time management areas do you want to improve upon?
  5. How will you hold yourself accountable for managing your time?
  6. In thinking about how you manage your time, describe how will reach ONE of your long term goals?

ASSIGNMENT: Your Major/Career Family Tree: So you have a Roadtrip Nation interview to work on… let’s start small. We want you to find at least FOUR (4) members of your family or close family friends to interview about their career/major path. You will create a visual of your family tree – mindmapPrezi, etc (If you need to know how “HOW TO” embed either a PowerPoint or Prezi into your WordPress blog, here are a couple of helpful resources.)– to share with the class in a WP blog post.  This is DUE NEXT THURSDAY (9/26) at 11:59 pm CDT. Please be sure to answer the following questions:

    1. What was their major and/or academic background/training?
    2. What is their job title, and what activities do they do on a regular day of work?
    3. What do they like about their job?
    4. What do they wish was different about it?
    5. How did they start doing this job/choose this job?
    6. What other careers/jobs have they had in their life?
    7. Why did they stop doing each of those?
    8. What makes a job interesting to them?
    9. What about a job leads one to be happy?
    10. If they could not do the profession/job they currently are doing, what would they choose instead?


[YES! I do want you to EMBED these presentations into your WP blogs, not just provide the website or hyperlink.]

  1. HOW TO:  Upload a PPT into WordPress => Uploading Documents — Support — WordPress.com
  2. HOW TO:  Embed a Prezi into WordPress – YouTube VIDEO [Hint: HTML tab = “Text” tab in WordPress]
  3. Check out OTHER #ugstSTORY Blogs & contact your friends — a few have already figured out how to post a Prezi and/or PPT

Your “TO DO” List (Homework):

  • BLOG:  WP Blog Post #6- Time Management by Friday, September 20th at 11:59 pm CDT
  • ATTEND TONIGHT: Rainn Wilson Lecture to LIVE TWEET. Must complete FIVE (5) tweets using the hashtag #ugstSTORY. Include a picture of you at the talk (to show you were there), quotes, comments, and information from Rainn’s talk about SoulPancake.
  • PREPARE: Your Advising 1:1 appointments are scheduled for NEXT week! If you forgot your scheduled time, please contact The Office for Exploring Majors in person (Sage Hall 302) or by phone (940.565.2457). You will need to be on time and BRING your “Spring Schedule Assignment” with #1 & #2 of the assignment completed. Please use the UNT Catalog and the UNT Advising Guidebook [PDF] to help you with this assignment.
  • COMPLETE: Your Major/Career Family Tree Assignment – Thursday (9/26) at 11:59 pm (WP Post #7)
  • ALTERNATIVES to Rainn Wilson: (1) Reality Check (Thurs – 9/26) 5-6 pm BLB 255; OR (2) Exploring Major Peer Mentor Panel (Wed -10/2) 5-6 pm Location TBA – will be required to LIVE TWEET using #ugstSTORY hashtag at either event to share information.